Fail Over allows Location Based FQDNs to select the most appropriate site for requests in the event that the best match is not available. When the Fail Over option is enabled, if a request comes from a specific data center and the target is down, the connection will fail over and be answered with the next level in the hierarchy. If this is not available, the connection will be answered by the nearest (by proximity) target. If this is not possible, the target with the lowest requests will be picked. For example, if a request from Production is received, but the site assigned to PDC is unavailable, a site assigned to DRC will be selected. If the site assigned to Europe is also unavailable, a site assigned to Everywhere will be selected. If this too is unavailable, the least requested of the available sites will be selected. The Fail Over setting affects all targets. The Fail Over option is only available when the Selection Criteria is set to Location Based.

Fail Over is set on all GEO nodes. If a partner GEO unit has been configured, you can assume that all nodes are operating on the same configuration. The settings in one GEO is synced to all other GEO nodes.

The GEO LoadMaster (GLM) features:

  • Directs web facing traffic to the closest and fastest performing data center through intelligent DNS responses
  • Failover traffic from a data center suffering from an outage to another data center that has capacity available
  • Apply business rules to traffic management algorithms to distribute requests across hybrid cloud infrastructure


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