It’s an “always-on”, 24/7 world, and access to data has become as essential to businesses as people and capital; sometimes, downtime is just not an option. But, not all data is the same – some data is considered critical to the business, some is passive, and some needs to be handled in compliance with a global array of regulations and laws. Adding to the complexity, each type of data comes with its own requirements around availability and accessibility. So, you need an approach that will work for all data types, across all types of storage environments.

Traditional approaches to meeting the most stringent availability requirements for business-critical data requires expensive “forklift” upgrades to infrastructure. Modern businesses require a new mixture of availability, speed, efficiency and cost that are unavailable using traditional, legacy approaches.

  • Achieve 99.999% uptime
  • Two and Four node active/active clusters, deployable in either Local and Metro “stretch” configurations
  • Lower costs by modernizing existing hardware and prolong investments
  • Enhance lower-cost hardware to achieve enterprise-class uptime and availability
  • Storage hardware no longer has to be identical on all nodes

Eliminate worry by knowing your business-critical data is always available when and where you need it.

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