FreeStor’s robust data protection and recovery capabilities automate complex recovery processes, ensuring all your data can be recovered before business operations are impacted. Even better, you can proactively detect and alert performance bottlenecks and health risks using a real-time analytics module, with historical and real-time trends and reports, streaming analytics and real-time insights into performance and health.

  • Proactive centralized monitoring, analytics, and configuration across heterogeneous storage infrastructures to keep problems from happening
  • Reduce or eliminate backup windows and recover data to any point with FalconStor snapshot technology
  • Quickly recover files, databases, systems, and entire sites with the RecoverTrac™ automated disaster recovery tool
  • Recover to dissimilar hardware, convert from physical to virtual environments on-the-fly, and even convert virtual to different virtual
  • MicroScan™ WAN optimization ensures peak replication efficiency at a lower cost

FreeStor’s award-winning technology gives you peace-of-mind.

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